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Product Details

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High Definition - Audio Processor Unit

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This High Definition Audio (HDA) Processor. Includes manual, cable, and 16v,300mA wallwart power supply. What this unit does... Live sound is a transient phenomenon. HDA is a technology that recreates the "live" experience. It has a quality and feeling that you can't compare to anything else. This processor adds an increased "liveliness" and "spatial" feel to music. You can adjust the amount of processing the unit does, or bypass it completely. Being audio enthusiasts, we here at Alltronics were eager to put it to the test and hear the unit for ourselves. We immediately noticed the difference. It gives a "concert hall" sound. Our "old-timer" says it reminds him of the reverb units that were popular back in the 70's. This unit is especially suited to enhancing digitally recorded music, like on CD or DAT, which can sometime seem to lack a certain high-end "sparkle". Similar features to the Sonic Maximizer.
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Customer Reviews
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Avg. Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars
Number Of Reviews: 2
32 of 55 people found the following review helpful:
4 out of 5 stars pretty cool converted to a guitar pedal 05/06/2013
Reviewer: Paul Rubenstein ( from Ridgewood, NY US
It's definitely not a reverb. It's like the "aural exciter" units, amplifying the harmonics from (or adding new ones to?) the sound, creating a "sparkly high end" quality, and overall sense of fullness. I added a mono 1/4" input that feeds both channels, and two 1/4" ouputs that can run to separate amps. It sounded especially good on a Rogue sitar-guitar, so far. The unit is small, and the circuit board is smaller, so it could be fully converted into a stomp box, if you are so inclined.
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261 of 522 people found the following review helpful:
4 out of 5 stars Suprisingly good effect, ideal for PC's, MP3 playe 08/11/2007
Reviewer: Marc Frick ( from Milwaukee, WI US
Well, first of all, this unit is much more useful than those old 'reverb' units that were touted as doing the same thing, i.e. improving the audio 'space'... The effect this unit gives is much more subtle, the bass and treble are enhanced, and the stereo sounds, well, more 'stereo'. As a bit of an Audiophile, I probably wouldn't use this regularly with a CD player, turntable, or reel-to-reel, but I found it enhances a PC's sound immensely, very, very impressive. (Mind you, I run my PC's sound through this unit, and into my stereo system, not the cheap amplified PC speakers...) Only caveat, if your stereo is prone to distortion at higher volumes, take care, as this unit does increase output. Overall, awesome...
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