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Welcome to Alltronics LLC. We are based in Silicon Valley and have been supplying wholesale electrical and electro-mechanical parts for companies, institutions and hobbyists for over 40 years!

We sell online at, and through our our Top-Rated eBAY and Amazon stores. We no longer have a retail store.

Orders in stock are generally processed within 1-2 business days after order, we do ship DHL/UPS for international destinations, so please get orders in by Fridays 3pm pacific to be included in the latest shipment.

NEW : We now offer a DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) shipping option for our international customers where the import duties/fees can be paid up front. Select the "DDP-Import Duty Paid" shipping option at checkout.

We offer a "will-call" service for our many Bay Area customers. After you place an order on any of our sites, you can call us to arrange a time to pick-up Monday-Friday between 9am & 2pm Pacific.

On we do have a $20 minimum order and for your convenience we accept Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, American Express and now also offer net 30 credit for well established customers.

We offer a 30 day return window for any issues you have with our products with zero return shipping cost for any verified product quality issue.

For custom RFQ's, inventory queries or your surplus electronics offers please email

Buyers located outside the United States must agree to the following terms/conditions before we are able to arrange shipping to a destination outside the USA. By placing an order on this site, you are hereby authorizing Alltronics LLC to import the goods to your country on your behalf. Further, you agree that we will delegate the obligation to import the goods on your behalf to a subcontractor, e.g. a customs broker like UPS or DHL, and you agree to pay any assessed taxes, duties and brokerage fees to the subcontractor before your package will be delivered. Please note : If you pick the new DDP shipment option, the final cost you pay already includes these taxes, duties and brokerage fees.

California Proposition 65 WARNING: Some products sold on this site can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, please visit

Alltronics Top Sellers
Peak-Atlas ESR70 ESR Meter
2-contact-flat molded connectors 14ga.
8 Ohm, 1W-3" Speaker

Alltronics Whats New !
KEC 5 Terminal Low Dropout Voltage Regulator- 12V 1A
Allen Bradley 10k Resistor
SEC 4 Terminal 2A Output Low Drop Voltage Regulator 3.3V
SEC 4 Terminal A Output Low Drop Voltage Regulator 3.3V
SEC 4 Terminal 3A Output Low Drop Voltage Regulator 3.3V
Alltronics Deals
Applied Motion Products 44A501711-001 unipolar stepper motor
BICC Bonded Bifilar Wire - 32 AWG - Per 100 Ft
Consolidated 4405 RG58/U Coax Cable (By the foot)
KERRIGAN LEWIS, LITZ Wire 30 Strands of 43 AWG - Per 1 Foot
1N4743 DIODE
Samsung Current Mode PWM Controller - KA3885
Samsung MOSFET P-CH 50V, 10A
Fuji Electrochemical SMS40-2401-A unipolar stepper motor

Customer Comments
See what some of Alltronics loyal customers write about us! "Just wanted to thank you for the incredibly prompt and professional service", "You have a really nice assortment of experimenter parts. Great to find your site!", "This site is great, I am going to tell everyone at about you and they are going to go crazy when they see your deals!!"

About Alltronics
Alltronics has been in the low cost electronics surplus business for 30+ years. We are now based in Santa Clara, CA and ship world wide via USPS and UPS. We aim to provide you a more personalized service and the best in surplus electronics for both hobbyist and professional. Please browse our 9000+ items and check out our "What's New" section as we have added many new products in the last year!
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