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  1. First (Front) Surface Mirror



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First (Front) Surface - Mirror

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These new front surface mirrors still have the protective film attached to their front side. This mirror is a trapezoid that measures 34" x 25.5" x 23" high. These are 3/32" thick. Front surface mirrors are used for laser and optical applications because they are free of ghost images. These mirrors produce one reflection from the aluminized surface. The aluminum is easily scratched so it is protected with a peel-off layer of plastic for you to remove after you have installed it.. Rear surface mirror are the usual kind of mirror. A laser pointer will produce two reflected spots from these mirrors. This is because the reflective silvered surface is on the backside of a normal mirror - so light is reflected back by both the glass and the silvered surface. The aluminum coating is protected by paint and may only be seen though the glass. The reflection from the glass is about 4% of the incident light at perpendicular incidence, but increases to 8% at 45 degrees. If multiple rear surface mirrors are used, each one will contribute a ghost image displaced from the primary image by an amount related to the thickness of the glass and the angles. In some instances the ghosts are not noticeable and so these mirrors are still used in rear projection systems. Laser work generally requires front surface mirrors. All of our mirrors are made from "float glass" which means that liquid glass is poured onto a stream of molten tin and allowed to seek its own level while cooling. This is how traditional window glass is made today. There is a slight waviness of about ten wave peak to valley. Small diameter laser beams are not affected by this so much as larger beams so front surface mirrors are well suited for affordable laser, holography, and imaging projects. Our sheets can be cut to size using normal glass cutting methods.
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