Analog Robot

These units are driven by 110V Bodine gear motors. They are not stepper
motors and are easier to hook up and control. The four slide bearings are
aluminum. The long pair are 72" and have 42" of travel as configured. The
short ones are 36" long and have 15" of travel as configured. This assembly
was part of a medical device. The belt shaft with pillow blocks is 68" long.
The XY assembly was belt driven with rack and pinion assemblies to keep the
sides in step. The control unit is included. We had to cut cables during
disassembly as they were threaded thru the frame but the cables are color
coded and the Molex connectors are each different. The mechanism is
complete. We dismantled it because we needed the frame for another project.
Frame in pictures not included.

Only one available $175.00 Call to place order.